FormShare has an extensive set of features to help you manage your data

Case management

Case/longitudinal management

  • Using the official ODK Collect App.
  • Linked to projects. E.g., a project can have a longitudinal workflow or not.
  • Intelligent work flow using ODK standards:
    • Case creator forms will create cases.
    • Follow-up forms will attach information to each case.
    • Deactivate forms will deactivate cases. For example, a household that decides to exit a longitudinal study will not appear in follow-up forms after deactivation.
    • Activate forms will activate cases again. For example, a household that decides to re-enter a longitudinal study will appear again in follow-up forms after activation.

User management

  • User accounts with an encrypted password using 128-bit for encryption
  • Group-based user permissions
  • Projects to organize users, permissions, and forms
  • Separate access for field assistants
  • User collaboration at project level, e. g., you can allow colleagues to maintain certain aspects of your project
User management

User management

Form and submission manegement

  • Easy setup of ODK Collect using QR images
  • Support for form version updates
  • With testing and production stages
  • Storage of multimedia or data attachments
  • Web browser data collection through Enketo
  • Real-time map visualization of geo-referenced submissions at project and form level

Data downloads and products

  • Download form attachments organized by submission ID
  • Publishable and non-publishable data downloads in Excel and CSV formats
    • Exclude sensitive fields from publishable products
    • Version control (FormShare will let you know if a data export does not have the latest submissions or changes in the repository)
    • Safely make publishable products publicly available knowing that sensitive fields are excluded automatically
    • Permanent link to enable easy integration with systems and platforms like DOI and Dataverse
  • Download geo-referenced information in KML format
User management

User management

Relational database repository

  • Parse submissions into database tables (FormShare will create a relational MySQL data repository to store your submissions)
    • Repository controlled by a primary key to avoid duplicates e. g., Farmed ID
    • Duplicated submissions go to a cleaning pipe-line system that makes it easier to compare submissions and decide what to do with the duplicates
    • Automatic data auditing of data cleaning changes
    • Automatic relational checks (FormShare will not allow invalid options e. g., a region code that does not exist)
  • Access data anywhere for analysis with tools like Excel and Power BI. With an OData live feed that supports cleaning updates (You can use Excel to clean data in real time)
  • Table preview of submitted data (even with thousands or millions of records) allowing in-table edits and recording any changes made to the data
  • Filtering submissions by submission metadata (e. g., date and time received on server)

API, extensibility, and others

  • Available in English, Español, Français, and Português
  • Data cleaning API integration with R, STATA, or SPSS
  • Extensibility system through plugins, e. g., You can write extensions to connect FormShare with Microsoft 365 authentication system
User management