Centralize data – Decentralize knowledge

Centralize data

Store your data in a consistent way inside a relational database without duplicates or inconsistencies

Complete mobile support

FormShare supports data collection technologies like OpenData Kit (ODK)


Decentralize data access

Create collaborations around data and allow access from any location using common tools like Excel, STATA or R

Track changes

Browse through your data online and track and manage the changes made to it

Service options

There are three options for using FormShare

  • Personal
  • Suitable for students, small projects and small enterprises
  • Shared capacity
  • No branding
  • No business integration
  • No custom extensions
  • Free*
  • Sign up
  • Hosted at FormShare
  • Suitable for organizations that lack the technical capacity to host FormShare
  • your_company.formshare.org
  • Private & elastic capacity on AWS
  • Personal branding
  • Business integration e.g. Microsoft SSO
  • Custom extensions
  • Contact us
  • On-premises
  • Suitable for organizations that can host and manage FormShare
  • formshare.your_company.com
  • Your own capacity
  • Personal branding
  • Business integration e.g. Microsoft SSO
  • Custom extensions
  • Grab the source

Organizations using FormShare

FormShare on-premises

Extensions: Branding, Microsoft SSO, Enketo, Analytics
Extensions: Branding, Active Directory, OData, Enketo
Alliance Bioversity-CIAT
Extensions: Branding, Analytics, GIS+Remote Sensing integration
Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (Costa Rica)

Free for personal use and for small organizations in developing countries.

This is a FREE* service provided by Carlos Quiros (The creator of FormShare)

Contact us

If you have questions, please drop us an email or a Github issue.

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